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ICS is a stimulating and effective intellectual environment for research higher degree candidates and postdoctoral research fellows, running a program relevant to industry, government and community futures. This program has resulted in ICS's strong reputation as a successful environment for the development of professional researchers, through its practice-based intellectual culture, which fosters and encourages engagement with industry partners, external organisations and the broader community. ICS's large number of PhD candidates has created a vibrant postgraduate intellectual community.


jdb的电子夺宝官方 Sydney is being developed rapidly, increasing its already high vulnerability to climate change. One day in January 2020, Penrith was the hottest place on Earth. Residents who have endured searing heat, 山火, 大雨, floods and huge damage bills in recent years are now a political force.
Public concerns about high food prices highlight how meeting basic human needs can’t be taken for granted, even in a country like Australia. Food prices are but one part of the equation that determines access to food – and healthy eating more generally. Just as poverty for some can be hidden within a relatively wealthy community, lack of access to fresh
Before the men’s FIFA World Cup commenced, the Socceroos’ most noteworthy contribution seemed likely to be their pre-emptive video campaign on human rights in host country Qatar. The political debate receded somewhat once the action on the field kicked off. After losing their


Audience at the Mapping the Humanities event.
The ICS Seminar Series presents an exciting breadth of social and cultural research from the Institute’s renowned staff and doctoral candidates as well as a range of national and international visiting scholars.
The work of the ICS researchers is featured in the latest issue of the University’s FutureMakers magazine. Read about their research successes, impact and partnerships.
Issues is a journal of short essays, housed at the Institute for Culture and Society, jdb的电子夺宝官方 Sydney University. We encourage each author to write in English and one other language.